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  • Modern transport;
  • Refrigerators have multi-temperature mode;
  •  Availability of temperature recorders (termopistsy);
  • Satellite monitoring;



  1. Trucking within the European Union

Transportation of goods within the European Union is the main activity of our company. All the routes are worked out in details, the nuances of the traffic are thoroughly investigated, and, most important, consistently gained positive experience in the organization of transport and freight forwarding in the interests of Belarusian companies and foreign customers.

   2. Trucking on the territory of the Customs Union

   3. Providing services in the field of transport logistics

LTD «Vektorkom» has the ability to offer services in transport logistics. The main components: the development of transport schemes, the organization of warehousing, documentation, calculation of customs duties — these must be carefully crafted. Our experts will help you with this work.

    4. Customs services

 Customs activity is the precise performance of customs procedures in accordance with the law. Specialization of our company — providing customs services exports and imports. Customs clearance of goods in international transport procedures are complex. When it is necessary to correct the passage of a package of documents, our experts, guarantee to undertake the work.


  • quality and efficiency;
  • guarantee security;
  • reasonable rates;
  • professional staff;
  • the ability to react quickly and adapt to customer’s needs.