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Transportation of flowers — one of the most demanding area in the field of transportation. The main features of the transport of flowers are:

Special control of the temperature level;

Strict compliance with the agreed time frames.

LLC «Vektorkom» carries trucking of flowers only the most modern vehicles that allows for multi-temperature transport services in the shortest possible time.


A perishable load — a load which in normal conditions, without maintaining optimum temperature and humidity, is susceptible to damage and therefore requires special conditions of transportation. Preservation of the goods or food should be classified as the most important requirements for the transport of perishable goods.

Transportation of food — one of the main directions of our company. LLC «Vektorkom» has all the necessary certificates for transportation of perishable products.


When you need to transport a small consignment there is no need to pay for the whole car. The most reasonable decision — delivery as a partial load. This option allows you to carry one vehicle several shipments destined for different recipients, as a result achieve the optimal cost of transporting each shipment.

LLC «Vektorkom» carries out transportation of cargoes across Europe, Russia and Belarus. We will provide you reliability, quality, speed and the ability to save your money!


Dangerous goods — items and substances that can harm the environment, cause an explosion, fire, or damage to buildings, vehicles, can cause death, poisoning, injury to people and animals. Transportation of dangerous goods is considered to be the most responsible mode of transport, the carrier may require strict compliance with all rules and regulations.

LLC «Vektorkom» has a modern fleet of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods. Drivers of «Vektorkom» have extensive experience in the transportation of dangerous goods. Constantly undergoing training, briefings, have all the necessary approvals for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.


Medications — a very specific and expensive cargo for transportation that requires high-quality of transport. The temperature variation of a few degrees is unacceptable for drugs. Therefore, when transporting medication all refrigerators must be equipped with termoregistratorami that allows to obtain documentary evidence of the fact that during transportation all the necessary conditions have been complied.

LLC «Vektorkom» carries out transportation of drugs only in compliance with all norms and standards. All trucks are equipped with temperature recorders, have CMR insurance up to 500 thousand euros, the entire fleet of cars equipped with only Euro 5 and Euro 6.



  • quality and efficiency;
  • guarantee security;
  • reasonable rates;
  • professional staff;
  • the ability to react quickly and adapt to customer’s needs.